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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Education Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies- Social Sciences Minor in American Politics & Public Policy

Mr. Josh Dobbs

Hello! This will be my second year at Rock Ridge High School and I am incredibly excited! I take my job as a government teacher very seriously as I am teaching US/VA Government, AP/DE US Government & Comparative Government and Politics. In partnership with parents and students, together we will be building a rapport that fosters a high-achieving learning experience in my classroom. I understand my role of teaching Government in public schools to be critical in sustaining a vibrant democracy and protecting our educated citizenry. I recognize as sacred, the priority to be consistently fair and unbiased in my instruction. 

I want my students to feel empowered, motivated, and welcomed in not just my classroom but in the humanities and social sciences. My ultimate goal is for students to know that they are coming into my class as somebody, and they leave as a better somebody

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

"The sole justification of teaching, of the school itself, is that the student comes out of it able to do something he or she could not do before. Whatever else we may ask of them, schools exist to remove ignorance, to be places where self-esteem comes from growing mastery over words and numbers and ideas. Where young minds are treated with respect, where excellence is not equated with elitism. Where teaching is rewarded for the art it is, and where both tradition and innovation are judged only by the results they achieve." Jacques Barzun          


  • Room: L-410

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