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    Hello and welcome to my webpage on the Smart's Mill Middle School website. Thank you for visiting!

    Here you will be able to find the following information:

    - A brief summary of who I am and what I stand for (presented below)

    - The Back to School Night presentation

    - Nine Week Plan

    The PowerPoint presentation shown above may be used for reference to pertinent information, such as contact information and bell schedules.

     Who I Am and What I Stand For

    Hello, again! It is a pleasure to write this quick introduction. Thank you again for visiting and taking the time to look through my webpage and its contents. 

    My name is Guadalupe Yarbrough, but I prefer to go by Lupe for short. Your student will more than likely address me as Mrs. Yarbrough. My family and I recently relocated to Northern Virginia over the summer to be closer to extended family. I am happily married and we have a rambunctious two year old. I love him and my husband dearly. 

    I firmly believe all students deserve an opportunity to thrive. It is my role as their educator to ensure that I create a safe and welcoming environment suitable for appropriate and effective learning to occur. I stand for the rights of all students and aim to respect everyone, regardless of their background. My teaching philosophy centralizes around student choice and voice. I strive to prepare my students as universal citizens, meaning that I hope they understand the importance of their words and actions by the time they venture off to high school. 

    I look forward to teaching and cannot wait to build relationships with both students and caretakers. 

    Stay awesome, everyone!