• Hi there! My name is Paige Welton and I am this year's 7th grade Instructional Specialist for the English department. 

    I earned my bachelor's degree from Liberty University and have been here at Smart's ever since. I grew up all over the commonwealth, but now I live in Maryland. On any given weekend, you can find me thrifting with coffee in hand, taking nice long walks outside, or shamelessly singing Taylor Swift. 

    This will be my third year at the Mill- go Mavericks! For the last three years, I have been working with our greater ELA team to individualize reading and writing content for students. My job specifically focuses on crafting curriculum for student needs and working closely with parents/guardians.

    Please feel free to communicate with me, for any reason, via my email- sarah.welton@lcps.org


    *Fun fact: I go by my middle name and always have! So don't be alarmed that my email reads "Sarah."


  • This is me standing in the Colosseum- core memory!

    This is me standing in the Colosseum- core memory!