Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Roschke


This will be my first year at Trailside, I am coming from Marshall High school in Fairfax County.  If you have seen the movie Remember the Titans, you may recalll the protagonists play against Marshall's football team at the end.  I am excited to be in-person again, and hopefully we can stay that way for the entire year.  

I look forward to using my extensive experience at Marshall to get my students as ready as possible for high school.  I expect my students to work hard for me, and I promise them that all the effort they put into Math when theyre in my class will pay off in their future.  The most important math teacher for high school success is actually the middle school math teacher,  and I take seriously the responsibility I have for giving them a strong foundation.

In my free time, I like kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking.  I sometimes play video games and like to keep up with them by talking to my students about them.  I play dungeons and dragons once a week with my friends.