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Barbra Entremont

After 3 decades in the fitness industry and coaching gymnastics, I have decided that it is finally time for me to move on to a job with a more normal schedule.  Reclaiming my weekends and evenings was necessary for that work/life balance that we all strive to achieve.

I live in Ashburn with my husband of 27 years.  We have 2 adult children who were both SBHS grads – one in 2014 and the other in 2017.  Our daughter lives in Raleigh, NC working as a Customer Service Representative for a recruiting company while completing an online program for her Masters in Sports Psychology.  Our son is still technically living at home.  He works in the hospitality industry, so we rarely see him.

I am a self-proclaimed fitness junkie.  If I miss my daily sweat session, my poor husband suffers.  He is usually shocked n the rare occasion that I force myself to rest for a day.

I am currently awaiting the chaos that is Attendance – at least from what I’ve been told.  I’m looking forward to working with everyone.  Please bear with me if it takes a little longer to get things from me.  It is proving to be difficult to figure out exactly HOW to do my job without students.  Looks like I’ll hit the ground running on the first day of school.