The Field Trip Process   

    1. Discuss the field trip with Mr. Adam to get his stamp of approval.
    2. Complete the Field Trip Request form (Google Form). Ensure that all students have filled out a Regular/Extended Day Permission Form or Overnight Permission Form. Please ensure all information is complete and accurate.
    3. Upon submitting the form electronically, the nurse will receive an e-mail notification. Submit your class rosters/names of students attending either via e-mail or in tangible form. The nurse will identify students with medical needs.   Please remember it is your responsibility to get medical training (diabetes...etc.) and identified medicines before going on the field trip.  The nurse will place your rosters in your mailbox.  If this is an overnight field trip, additional forms will be provided by the nurse for medications.  DO NOT give a field trip form to a substitute nurse.   
    4. Before the bookkeeper can take any money or make reservations, all field trip requests must be submitted and approved by Transportation.
    5. Your club/activity is responsible for the total cost of the field trip. This includes any associated fees such as tickets, meals etc. and the cost of the bus. Once your field trip is approved, Transportation will send a confirmation and cost estimate to the Activities and Engagement Coordinator who will notify you that your trip has been approved and the estimated cost of transportation for your trip. 


     Important Items        

    1. Field trips must be turned in 5 weeks before the scheduled trip.  Exceptions can only be made by the principal. The earlier your schedule a trip, the greater likelihood you'll have of reserving a bus. 
    2. County policy stipulates one chaperone to 10 students. Chaperones are limited to LCPS staff and parents of students attending the field trip. Please submit names of chaperones to the Activities and Engagement Coordinator. Please limit the use of instructional staff as chaperones. Teachers are responsible for their own substitute coverage. 
    3. Overnight trips require both a male and female chaperone if both male and female students are attending.
    4. Field trips cannot be scheduled after March 31 because of SOL testing. Exceptions can only be made with the Mr. Adam's approval.
    5. Send an 'ALL-STAFF' e-mail which includes all students going on the field trip (in alphabetical order) two weeks before the actual trip. Teachers may request a student in poor academic standing remain in school.


    Additional Forms

    Regular/Extended Day Trip Overnight Trip
    HHS Field Trip Request Form (PDF) HHS Field Trip Request Form (PDF)
      Objectives Form (PDF)
      Guide for Foreign Field Trips (PDF)
    Charter Bus Form (PDF)  
    Field Trip Planner Workflow (PDF)   
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