• A huge thank you to all the students who ran for positons on next year's Class Councils.  They are joining the Student Council Executive Board that is also listed below.  What an amazing display of leadership as these young Wolverines are stepping up to help lead the school community in moving forward during 2023-2024.

    Senior Class of 2024
    Jack Schreiner, President
    Austen Watson, Vice President
    Charlotte Hannis, Secretary / Historian
    Laurin Rosales, Public Relations
    Lizzy Brubaker, At-Large
    Lily McBride, At-Large
    Nicholas Stapf, At-Large
    Junior Class of 2025
    Brooks Frandsen, President
    Lillian Hackett, Vice President
    Chelsea MacInnes, Secretary / Historian
    Connor Felmey, Treasurer
    Caty Jewell, Public Relations
    Samantha Mare, At-Large
    Riley Ortiz, At-Large
    Sophomore Class of 2026
    Nathan Nocon, President
    Madison Rider, Vice President
    Ashley Rayburn, Secretary / Historian
    Charlotte Gesell, Treasurer
    Meghan Nelson, Public Relations
    Amanda Dickson, At-Large
    Kassidy Donohoe, At-Large
    Emma Edwards, At-Large
    Alessa Rishmawi, At-Large
    Freshman Class of 2027
    Grayson Phelps, President
    Kristen Burns, Vice President
    David Debreczy, Secretary / Historian
    Baylor Nester, Treasurer
    Honor Watson, Public Relations
    Hadley Ayotte, At-Large
    Madeleine Browning, At-Large
    Mason Browning, At-Large
    Addison Clarke, At-Large
    Wyatt Curtis, At-Large
    John Donohoe, At-Large
    Noah Goff, At-Large
    Ronan Guin Adkins, At-Large
    Tom Hughes, At-Large
    Ella Jaffee, At-Large
    Zander Kapsiak, At-Large
    Harper Minnis, At-Large
    Madison Murray, At-Large
    Uyen Ngo, At-Large
    Kamron O’Bannion, At-Large
    Reagan Pittman, At-Large 
    Isabella Shultz, At-Large
    Mackenzie Sieczkowski, At-Large
    Zayna Smith, At-Large
    Brianna Strickland, At-Large
    Student Council Executive Board 2023-2024
    Lizzy Brubaker, President
    Lily McBride, Vice President
    Ava Welsh, Community Service Director
    Ashley Gingerich, Marketing Director
    Rory Schriver, Budget Director
    Ruth Zurschmeide, Spirit Coordinator
    Sarah Gingerich, Events Coordinator
    Layla Davis, Communications Director