• Being among the top five percent of academic achievers in Loudoun County Public Schools’ senior class is an accomplishment worth celebrating. In lieu of the Loudoun Education Foundation’s annual Excellence in Education Banquet, LCPS and Woodgrove are celebrating the members of the Class of 2021 who achieved this distinction.   

    These Wolverine seniors were to have been honored at the 38th Annual Excellence in Education Banquet on December 6. LCPS, Woodgrove HS and the Loudoun Education Foundation want to make sure the community recognizes these students’ academic accomplishments. 

    These students will be recognized during a live-streamed event at 6pm on Thursday, February 25 that is viewable here.

    Each student has selected an educator who has made a profound and lasting impact in his or her life.  These professional educators are also to be commended.

    Kristina Ayers honoring Beverly Teague

    Brooke Barker honoring Jennifer Gustafson

    Kaitlyn Brooks honoring Seneca Sowers

    Avigail Brubaker honoring Rudra Bhatta

    Elena Chamberlain honoring Katherine Corrado

    Ellen Creighton honoring Maggie Mulloy

    Hope Fahrner honoring Kristie Keeler

    Emily Garman honoring Jennifer Gustafson

    Nhan Hoang honoring Lou Sharp

    Beatrice LaBelle honoring Donna Kelly

    Anna Lippert honoring Karen Lea Longerbeam

    Stefanie Livelsberger honoring Megan Fay

    Ty Lombardo honoring Steve Cohen

    Hazeem Majid honoring Robert Carter

    Amel Marzougui honoring Jessica Morgan

    Ella Maulfair honoring Matthew Talboo

    Crain Robertson honoring Heidi McPhillips

    Laura Schultejans honoring Katherine Corrado

    Bailey Vogt honoring Leslie McFadden

    Annie Zhang honoring Erin Barrett