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    English 6 Honors 100200 (*SOL Test in the Spring) 

    In Grade 6, oral language instruction focuses on participation in small-group activities. Reading instruction emphasizes the elements of literature and narrative structure, the ability to compare information from different sources, and the ability to select information appropriate for a given purpose. Students learn to expand and embed ideas in their writing, to choose appropriate adverbs, and to master subject-verb agreement. Teachers instruct students in the use of word-reference materials to build their vocabulary.


    Mathematics 6 510000 OR Foundations of Algebra 514000

    • Mathematics 6 510000 (*SOL Test in the Spring)Grade Level SOL Test Mathematics 6 provides increased opportunities for students to apply critical thinking and problem solving as part of their mathematics studies. Activities allow students to make mathematical connections to the constantly changing world in which we live. Proportional reasoning, mathematical communication and reasoning, as well as mathematical applications are emphasized throughout the course. Problem solving is included in all areas of study so students develop a wide range of skills and strategies for solving standard and nonstandard problems. Topics including estimation, number theory, geometry, algebra, and measurement form the foundation for the study of advanced mathematics later in high school. Emerging technologies are incorporated into the curriculum in order to allow students opportunities to explore concepts. Students completing this course will take the Grade 6 Mathematics SOL test.
    • Foundations of Algebra 514000 (*SOL Test in the Spring) This course is designed to prepare students for Algebra I. It provides opportunities for students to apply problem solving and critical thinking as part of their mathematics studies. Topics include practical applications of rational numbers and proportional reasoning, geometry and measurement, algebraic equations, and data representation and interpretation. Mathematical communication and reasoning are emphasized throughout the course. Students completing this course will take the Grade 7 Mathematics SOL test.

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    Science 6 Honors 610200

    Science 6 presents an integrated focus on the role of the sun’s energy on Earth systems, water in the environment, air and the atmosphere, space, forces, transformations of energy and matter, and basic chemistry concepts. The 6th grade course emphasizes experimentation and data analysis. Science 6 focuses on continued development of the students’ understanding of the nature of science. Lessons are designed to encourage students to create explanations for science concepts that are based on rules of evidence and logical thinking through experimentation, observation, and manipulation of variables.


    U.S. History to 1865 Honors 710200

    Why do people start a whole new country? How do they do that? Once a country gets started, how do you keep it from falling apart? These are three key questions students learn to answer as they study the first part of American history. As they learn about the birth of our country, and its “rebirth” during the Civil War, students will develop the ability to: • Read text for content information • Read and compare primary sources • Read for the “point of view” of a document • Understand cause-effect relationships • Think critically • Understand diverse cultural backgrounds • Write with structure and purpose • Participate in class discussion • Develop their memory for, and appropriate usage of, Social Science vocabulary • Apply geographical terms and concepts • Interpret famous historical speeches As students build skills in the areas listed above, they develop regular, independent thinking habits in U.S. History. This means they will become “historical thinkers”!


    Health and Physical Education 6 410000

    Students are offered a variety of challenging activities with an emphasis on fitness for life. In middle school, health and physical education classes are offered every other day. Students are exposed to instruction in anatomy and physiology, fitness planning, social development, and energy balance. In addition, a wide variety of activities including cooperative games, individual and dual sports, team sports, rhythmic activities, physical fitness testing, lifetime fitness, and recreational activities are offered. The 6th grade health curriculum includes instruction in diet and nutrition, stress and mental health, lifetime fitness and wellness, first aid and safety, communicable and non-communicable diseases, gangs, bullying, health advocacy, and refusal strategies related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Family Life Education (FLE) is also included in this course. 


    Semester Electives

    • Introduction to Computer Applications SEM 808700 One Semester Elective This course is designed to introduce middle school students to the basics of computers, keyboarding skills, and potential careers. Students will develop and enhance touch skills for entering information using a keyboard to compose and produce personal, educational, and professional documents. This course is infused with Entrepreneurship competencies and Computer Science objectives.
    • Art 6 200700 One Semester Elective Art 6 infuses art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetic critiques. The 6th grade program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to continue to develop a foundation of varied skills, techniques, concepts, and ideas. Students engage in the process of creating, presenting, responding, and connecting with their art and the work of others. The students establish a continuing portfolio to include written and visual documentation of the creative process.


    Resource OR Spectrum

    • Resource 6 003000 Students are assigned to a resource class every other day, occupying the same block with the selected music class. During the class, students are able to take advantage of a variety of opportunities such as obtaining help from teachers, making up tests and assignments, selecting and participating in various enrichment and enhancement activities provided by the school, participating in school counseling classes such as study skills and time management, completing homework, researching topics and assignments, and participating in peer tutoring.
    • Spectrum 6 010000 Prerequisite: Students are found eligible through a multi-step screening process conducted by educational professionals in Loudoun County and are formally identified as gifted in terms of general intellectual ability. The curriculum for 6th graders includes the following units: • Business & Economics • Technology & Engineering • Communication & Culture • Ethics & Perspectives SOLs from various courses across the middle school curriculum are incorporated into instructional activities.


    • Chorus 6 235000 Elective This course is for students who like to sing and want to develop their singing skills. Emphasis is placed on developing appropriate vocal techniques and skills necessary for singing in an ensemble. Essential music theory skills will be stressed, including reading notation, ear training and sight singing. Students will develop choral literacy by singing a variety of literature that is sacred and secular. Participation in performance activities, such as winter and spring concerts is required.
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    • Music Lab 6 205000 Elective This class is designed to enable students to enjoy life-long involvement with music as an educated consumer and participant. Active learning is the theme of this hands-on course. Students will explore music and develop musical literacy through activities such as world music drumming, introduction to guitar, singing and creating their own music. Students may also collaborate on unique music projects using web-based tools.
    • Music Lab/Guitar VIDEO LINK


    • Strings 6 207000 Elective This is a full-year elective which provides students with beginning instruction for violin, viola, cello, or bass. Students will learn the basic elements of music while developing the techniques and skills appropriate to an orchestral string instrument. Students will provide their own instruments through rental or purchase. Students need to attend Instrumental Clinic Registration Night to select an instrument. Students are required to practice daily outside school time. Participation in performance activities, such as winter and spring concerts is required.
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    • Band 6 230000 Elective This class is open to students who have an interest in learning to play the flute, clarinet, oboe, alto saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium/baritone, tuba, or percussion (snare drum/mallet instruments). Students provide their own instruments through rental or purchase. 5th grade students wishing to join band must attend an evening band clinic held at middle schools in the spring. During this clinic, students will meet with band directors and be evaluated individually on each of the band instruments. This is to ensure they are matched up with an instrument that best suits their natural physical embouchure characteristics and best guarantees their success. Students are required to practice daily outside school time and to participate in concerts and rehearsals after school hours.
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