• Hello Parents, 

    This is Eric Stewart, principal at Harmony Middle School.  I hope you are doing well. This communication includes information about your 5th grade child’s transition to middle school.

    More information is available through our New 6th Grade Parents and Students page. 

    Eric Stewart

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    • Eric Stewart (Principal) Eric.Stewart@lcps.org
    • Kristen Hepner (Assistant Principal – Special Education) Kristen.Hepner@lcps.org
    • Eric McGrady (Assistant Principal – Testing and Assessments) Eric.McGrady@lcps.org
    • Christy Pierson (6th Grade Counselor for 2022-23) Christy.Pierson@lcps.org
    • Erin Piñero (6th Grade Dean for 2022-23) Erin.Pinero@lcps.org