• Winter Door Decorating


    Decorate any door in your  house (your bedroom door, a random door in your house, your front door, your garage door etc.). You can choose the theme- winter, holidays, snow, etc. Be as creative as you can and try to show school spirit and positivity/encouragement.


    1. Decoration takes place December 3rd  to the 17th until 5 pm
    2. Enter to win here by 5 pm on December 17th
    3. Winner announced during AM announcements December 18th

    Prizes will be awarded for the following categories

    1. Prize to the overall winner- a meal of your choice Door Dashed to your house
    2. Spirit points for the grade of each participant 
    3. The advisory class with the most participation 
    4. 20 SPIRIT POINTS to the grade with the highest participation

    Regulations/Judging Categories

    1. Winter theme from movies, songs, books, cartoons, etc. Try to show school spirit and positivity/encouragement.
    2. Use a variety of materials (ex. Wrapping paper, ribbon, lights, bows, construction paper, holiday décor) 
    3. Creativity is key!

    Rubric/Points: All categories are on a scale of 1-10

    1. Visual Impact - your door makes the judges say “WOW! That looks great!”
    2. Craftsmanship - your door is well constructed and all materials are intact & all elements are neatly done. 
    3. Creativity - Your door has a clear theme & is well thought out and designed. 
    4. Originality - You have exceptional use of new and creative ideas for your door! 
    5. Bonus Points- 3 bonus points if you tag a picture of your door  @RockRidge_SCA