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Registration  for School Year 2014-2015   

In order to register a student NEW to Loudoun County, you must provide the following information.

These documents should be brought with you to register your student:

  • Original Birth Certificate(not a copy)
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residency~ You must provide a lease, deed, or contract that shows you are the owner/leaser of a home in our attendance zone.
  • Immunization Records ~ Must have two MMR's and at least 2 Hepatitis B
  • Proof of Physical from a Medical Doctor
  • Report Card and/or Standardized Test scores from current school
  • Immigration Documents (if applicable)
  • IEP(if applicable)

Forms to be completed by the parent or legal guardian:

Parents should bring the following information to aid in completing the above forms:

Parents' home and work phone numbers and addresses
Emergency contact name & phone number
Medical insurance card/information
Family Doctor's name & phone number

For additional information contact 
Loudoun County Registration.