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  • EL Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Vision

    The LCPS English Learner Family and Community Engagement (FACE) program is dedicated to empowering all LCPS staff and families to create long-lasting partnerships in their student’s education, extending the reach of the LCPS classroom into the home in order to dually support increased student academic achievement and success while also expanding community collaboration and togetherness.

    Est. April 2019

  • The Family Room - Virtual Family Workshops

    The Family Room is a virtual safe space where LCPS staff and families can come together to connect, learn, strengthen partnerships, and be in community for the overall betterment of LCPS students. 

    All LCPS families are welcome and we hope to see you there! 

    Please see our Spring 2021 Session Menu below:

    La Sala Familiar es un espacio virtual seguro donde el personal de LCPS y las familias pueden reunirse para conectarse, aprender, fortalecer las asociaciones y estar en comunidad para el mejoramiento general de los estudiantes de LCPS.

    ¡Todas las familias de LCPS son bienvenidas y esperamos verlos allí!

    Consulte nuestro menú de sesiones de la Primavera de 2021 debajo:

    The Family Room Spring 2021 Session Menu

  • Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) Program

    The LCPS Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) program is designed to provide school sites and school-based staff continual opportunities to engage and cultivate meaningful relationships with families, ultimately, strengthening crucially important home-school partnerships.

    PEP is designed to provide resources, services, and information to English Learner families, specifically those who are Bilingual Emergent. Every family is unique in their perspective, and that perspective is deeply valued in the PEP space. PEP is a safe space for families to be engaged and learn; and be uplifted in their learning. 

    The PEP Program is broken down into 8 curriculum units that aims to increase the knowledge of English Learner family members and parents about the United States & LCPS school system, while also deepening understanding of strategies that can be used to help positively impact and partner in their student’s education.

    School-based PEP Partner teams represent LCPS staff who are dedicated to the ongoing hardwork and heartwork of family engagement.

    During the 2020-2021 School Year, a total of 15 LCPS school sites are implementing PEP virtually. 

    2020-2021 PEP Partner School Sites: 

    • Cool Spring Elementary School
    • Frances Hazel Reid Elementary School
    • Guildford Elementary School
    • Meadowland Elementary School 
    • Potowmack Elementary School
    • Rolling Ridge Elementary School
    • Sterling Elementary School 
    • Sully Elementary School 
    • Harper Park Middle School 
    • J. L. Simpson Middle School
    • River Bend Middle School
    • Smarts Mill Middle School
    • Sterling Middle School 
    • Loudoun Valley High School
    • Park View High School

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  • Team

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    Veronica Cuadrado Hart - EL Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Coordinator

    Get in touch! Email: veronica.cuadrado@lcps.org

    Se habla español

    Teresa Vignaroli - EL Supervisor

    Get in touch! Email: teresa.vignaroli@lcps.org

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