• FORMATVE ASSESSMENT is assessment for learning that occurs during the learning process and is designed to guide next steps toward mastery.  The goal of formative assessments is to monitor learning, provide feedback, and set goals to move learning forward.  Information gathered during formative assessment is used to inform next steps in instruction.  Formative assessments will not be used to determine final grades.

    • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS information only.  They are not averaged into the final grade.  They do, measure learning, and have a direct correlation to the mastery of content.  If a child does not complete formative assessments, they are not practicing application of content, and they are not providing the teacher with information about their progress. 

    SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS are assessments of learning that occur at the end of a learning cycle and are  designed to determine a student's level of mastery of specified content or competencies.  Summative assessments become the source of information for grading.

    • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS are used to calculate the average in the class.
Last Modified on October 22, 2020