• Writer’s Club 2020-2021

    Eagle Ridge Writers Club is a place for anyone who loves to read and write stories! We're open to all grades, and any level of writing experience. We're also open to any and all types of booklovers. We'll be having writing discussions, games, and activities for everyone to meet new people and explore their writing palate. We hope to see you there!

    Teacher sponsors: Mrs. Burns (jennifer.burns@lcps.org)  Mrs. Peterson (jane.peterson@lcps.org) Mr. Keaton (alec.keaton@lcps.org)

    Student sponsors: Katrina Anderson (1057603@lcps.org) Maddy Kelley (901556@lcps.org) Lilly Shaffrey (897406@lcps.org)

    Meetings: Every wednesday from 3:30-4:23 (not including days off)

    Club interest form: https://forms.gle/Bko3peDATwoFGoWX6