• The Characteristics of a Cornerstone Winner
    • Shows consistent regard for school rule
    • Service towards others; tutoring others, cleaning up classroom, setting up labs, SCA, etc. 
    • Sustained work effort
    • Positive attitude about work; encourages others  
    • Shows effort to unify class, group, and team regarding class activities
    • Demonstrates qualities of a leader: communicates needs of self, group or class, encourages others, optimism, etc.
    • Helps others to be their best 
    • Shows performance equal to potential; shows academic curiosity
    • Shows a renewed interest in subject, takes an interest in curriculum that goes beyond the standards willingly 
    Best Effort in Reading
    • Shows marked increase in reading fluency and comprehension 
    Best Effort in Writing
    •  Demonstrates improvement in composition 
    Best Effort in Math
    • Shows progress in arithmetic practices, computation, problem solving, and mathematical functioning skills 
Last Modified on October 8, 2020