Welcome to ACL Tutors!

  • Who we are: 

    An academic support center designed to be flexible and virtual! 

    What we do: 

    We offer individual help through peer tutors. We accommodate all students from ACL, including all pathways across AOS, AET, and MATA. 

    When do we meet: 

    Tuesdays & Wednesdays during lunch (12:50pm - 11:35pm)

    Member Information:

    ACL Tutors offers the following options for new members: tutor tutee


    1. Flexible commitment
      • Matched with a tutee based on your comfort level in a content area
    2. Volunteer hours (can be used for honor societies)


    1. Walk-in tutoring
      • 1-on-1 tutoring
      • group tutoring
    2. Quiet work space
  • Communications: 

    Insta: @acltutors

    Remind: @acltutors to 81010

    Schoology: @QH7V-XGZJ-P66BB

    Email: acltutors1@gmail.com

    Sponsor Email: jacob.voetberg@lcps.org

  • Sponsor/Officer Information:

    Sponsor: Mr. Voetberg

    President: Shreeya Pullangari

    President: Sanjitha Prabakaran

    Upperclassman Lead: Salonee Verma

    Underclassmen Leads: Jocelyn Chang, Samaira Mishra