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    Yearbook adviser: Irene Moulton (irene.moulton@lcps.org)

    I heard there was an issue with the yearbooks. What happened?

    16 pages of our yearbook were accidentally replaced with another school’s pages. This only affected 32% of our inventory, and our publisher has already begun a reprint of the affected copies and expedited delivery. The yearbooks are printed at a factory in Kansas City and we hope to get them during the last week of school. The affected yearbooks can be purchased "as is" for $40.

    When can I get my yearbook?

    Seniors can pick up their yearbooks on May 28 and 29, during all lunches, or before graduation practice on June 6.
    Underclassmen (grades 9-11) will be able to pick up or buy their yearbooks on Thursday, June 13.

    How do I know if I bought a yearbook?
    Lightridge students can check THIS LIST if they pre-ordered by their student ID. Or email irene.moulton@lcps.org or message us on Instagram @LIGHTRIDGEYBK

    How do I buy a yearbook?
    Online pre-orders on yearbookordercenter.com ended on April 27.
    Now, you can bring $95 exact cash preferred or check to Lightridge High School, or we accept credit cards in person only.
    No reservations

    Are there free/reduced prices or waivers for the yearbook?
    Unfortunately we cannot offer free/reduced prices at this time.

    Can I still pick up my yearbook from last year (2022-2023)?

    No, we completely sold out last year’s book, so none are available.

    How do I sign up for senior portraits?
    July 11 and 12, 9-3pm. Our photography company Victor O’Neill Studios will send out information about how to prepare and how to sign up.
    When are senior portrait make-ups?
    November 13-15, 2024

    When is the senior panoramic portrait?
    October 9 in the morning

    The students will be provided a cap and gown for the senior picture? They do not have to buy it at that moment, correct?
    Correct. The photography company has a prop one that goes over any existing clothing and it is steamed and sanitized between each use. I believe Herff Jones is the company that provides our cap and gowns, and they should be reaching out to the senior sponsors soon to send out orders and measuring info, if they haven’t yet.

    The tux will also be provided (the top half I assume?)
    The tux for guys and the drape for ladies are also provided, and are able to go over any existing clothing. It is suggested that guys bring a white under shirt or t-shirt, and for ladies to please wear or bring a spaghetti strap shirt. These tux/drapes will also be steamed and sanitized between uses.

    Will Victor O'Neill Studios send an email to the students' school email? 
    VOS will send information to student emails.

    What are the options for students who cannot pay online?
    Not sure. For the safety of photographers and students, the photographers are not accepting cash payments to reduce contact as much as possible.
    If students who cannot make it to one of the 2 days for their pictures, what are their options? Are they allowed to send in their own photo?
    There will be a make-up date for senior portraits in the fall. Right now we are not accepting portrait selfies for next year’s yearbook.

    Is there a limit on the # of baby ads allowed in the yearbook?
    No limit. And families are able to purchase, design, and upload their own ads on the Yearbook Order Center website as well.

    Are there waivers for the yearbook/senior pictures?
    Because senior portraits are not a requirement for all students, this activity is not eligible for waivers. Victor O’Neill offers payment plans but those are arranged directly with the company. If a student was to simply sit and take a casual portrait, there is no fee at all to simply sit for the yearbook portrait. If a student wants to purchase their portrait, they can.

    Additional info for senior portraits

    Sessions can take 30 min to 1 hour, depending on outfit changes.
    For the senior portraits, students can choose to do 1, 2 or all 3 types of pictures: casual, traditional, and cap/gown. When students choose their picture for us to print in the yearbook, they can choose any 1 photo they wish. If a student does not choose a photo, then one is chosen for them.
    Victor O’Neill offers the following photo session options:
    Deluxe sessions are $40 for 4 casual outfit changes, 8 poses in traditional (tux/drape) and 4 poses in cap and gown.
    Standard sessions are $20 for 2 casual outfit changes, 8 poses in traditional (tux/drape) and 4 poses in cap and gown.
    English only brochure here: https://vosphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018SeniorBrochure.pdf


  • pre-orders

    Go to yearbookordercenter.com and use school code 21626!

    We follow tiered pricing for the Lightridge yearbook, as follows.


    August - October 10, 2023: $70 yearbook only

    October 11, 2023 - April 27, 2024: $85 yearbook only

    May/June when yearbooks arrive: $95 yearbook only



    August - October 10, 2023: $75 yearbook + nameplate

    October 11 - December 31, 2023: $93 yearbook + nameplate

    Nameplates were available to order online until December 31, 2023.

  • for seniors

    Senior Portraits

    Current seniors (class of 2024), please be sure to sign up for an appointment slot for your senior portrait session for the yearbook.


    July 17, 18, 19, 2023

    November 15, 16, 17, 2023 (appointment link will be posted when available).


    Note the following regarding attire for the portraits—preferred dress for the yearbook pose is the tux/drape (supplied by the photographer) OR seniors may wear their own jacket and tie with a collared shirt, nice solid black collared shirt, a dress/blouse—must be ALL black and meet school dress code.  In addition to the yearbook session we also offer sessions that include casual/personality portraits and cap and gown portraits.

    The formal photos you take will be the ones used for the yearbook; you will also be given instructions by the photography team for how to select the photo you'd like used in the yearbook—please be sure to do this in a timely manner (or they will choose one FOR you)


    • Who? Victor O'Neill Studios (our school's photographers for portraits, events, and athletic events) will be taking your photos

    • Why? Because you are seniors!!! Cheers to the class of 2024!


    **Sessions are scheduled one at a time. Future session dates have not yet been announced. You will receive another announcement from the school when the next session is available for booking** 

    Appointments fill up fast so don’t wait. If you have any questions please email seniors@vosphoto.com.


  • ad sales

    Senior Ads

    Class of 2024 Senior Ads are open! Go to yearbookordercenter.com and use school code 21626 to upload, design, and create a custom senior ad.

    Seniors and/or parents of seniors can purchase ads to celebrate and commemorate the class of 2024 graduation for individuals, groups of friends, or groups on campus (clubs, sports, etc…).

    Senior ads come in five sizes:

    1. Full Page – $425

    2. Half-page – $225

    3. Quarter-page – $160

    4. Eight-page – $85

    5. Sixteenth-page -- $50

    To order, visit www.yearbookordercenter.com and use school code 21626! The deadline for submission is Friday, December 1, and you must submit a completed ad at the time of payment.

  • underclass pictures


    Underclass Picture Day


    Students in grades 9, 10 and 11 will take their photos for the yearbook on Sept 11 and 12 through their Study Hall classes. If students do not have a study hall, they can go during their English class. Link to schedule by study hall teacher (link available until September 15)
    Link to pre-order photos. Gallery will be available two weeks after picture day.
    There will be one make-up day on October 10, 2023.
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