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    Attention all students who are a part of a school club, organization, and/or school-official group (i.e. fine arts ensembles, Red Cross Club, etc.)! Tuesday, January 18th and Wednesday, January 19th will be our newly rescheduled Club/Group Photo Days. Both days will run on a strict schedule to ensure we can photograph every official club/group our school offers. Please see THIS LINK to see when your club/activity/group will be photographed.​ Announcements will NOT be made throughout the day, as there are well over 30 groups per day needing to be photographed, so it will be the student's responsibility to ask to be excused to be photographed. Photos will be taken in the AUX GYM.

    Important items to note: teachers have been made aware of the schedule and should allow you (students) to excuse yourself at the allotted times to be photographed; however, it is your responsibility to ask to be excused at the start of the class and to make up any work missed. Also, there are no additional opportunities to be photographed in the group photo outside of these two days, as these are the two days solely designated for club photos.

    Picture Day:

    School picture days are Monday, September 20th and Tuesday, September 21st. They will run through Social Sciences classes. Be sure to dress appropriately for pictures!

    Picture make-up day will be on Wednesday, November 3rd.

    Any and all VDL students should plan to come to school on November 8th to have their portraits taken on the make-up portrait day.

    Senior Portraits:

    Update (November 18th): Seniors, please be sure to have your senior photo selected by NO LATER THAN Monday, December 6th, for the yearbook. You may do this by going to the link provided to you by the photography company, Victor O'Neill Studios, on the handout given to you following your portrait session. If a photo is not selected by that date, the photography company will auto-select one to forward to the school for the yearbook and our internal systems.

    Update (October 24th): The FINAL Senior Portrait make-up day will be held on Monday, November 15th during school hours. Please see THIS LINK that will take you to an important document provided to us by the photography company, Victor O'Neill Studios. 

    • You will be required to sign up for a SPECIFIC appointment slot during that school day
    • You will be required to print and bring a signed waiver (as linked and noted in the document link above)


    Update (August 10th): Senior Portrait make-ups will be held on Wednesday, October 20th. Please plan to come to school PREPARED on that day for your make-up portrait session if you missed the summer portrait days.

    Please see the information noted below the dotted line for information that was posted regarding senior portrait sessions during the summer, SPECIFICALLY the 'What?' section.


    Senior portraits will be held on Thursday, July 1st and Friday, July 2nd.

    Email communication has been shared out from Dr. Hitchman to parents/guardians through his ConnectEd email messages (which go out on Sunday evenings). Please be sure to read that email thoroughly!

    Additionally, please see the information noted below:

    • When?: July 1st and 2nd
    • Where?: Lightridge High School auditorium
    • How?: Appointments need to be made using THIS LINK (also shared out from Dr. Hitchman's email)
    • What?: Note the following regarding attire for the portraits—preferred dress for the yearbook pose is the tux/drape (supplied by the photographer) OR seniors may wear their own jacket and tie with a collared shirt, nice solid colored collared shirt, a dress/blouse.
      • Should you choose to wear the recommended tux/gown drape (provided by the photography company), you will need to sign THIS WAIVER.
      • Should you choose to wear your own attire, we request that you please dress in formal attire to meet consistency needs for our yearbook portraits and portraits used for school-purposes.
    • Who?: Victor O'Neill Studios (our school's photographers for portraits, events, and athletic events) will be taking your photos
    • Why?: Because you are seniors!!! Cheers to the class of 2022, Lightridge High School's first official senior class!


    Yearbook Adviser - Ms. Christina Yoon


    2022 Yearbook Editorial Team:

    • Co-Editors-in-Chief: Kristen Koh (12) & Andawen Sauder (11)
    • Co-Copy Editors: Sophia Kim (11) & Maddie Zipper (11)
    • Layout & Design Editor: Melissa Wang (10) & Lily Knudson (11)
    • Photo Editor: Sahasri Matta (12)
    • Social Media Managers: Kamryn Healy (11) & Lillia Graham (11)


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Last Modified on January 6, 2022