• I am so excited to start this school year and cannot wait to dive  into this experience with you and your child. Throughout my virtual  classroom, you and your child can hover over my online classroom to  discover various shortcuts and resources. If you find a resource within  the classroom that you would like to explore, simply click on the link  attached and it will navigate you to that chosen resource. Some of  these resources we will utilize throughout the year, so it can serve as a  shortcut to needed resources. I will also update the classroom  periodically with new resources, activities or updates. 
    The first weeks of school we will learn about each other through  various activities. It will also serve as a learning period so that you and  your child can become comfortable with navigating Tools of The Mind  Platform and the different resources that we will utilize throughout  this semester. I will post various activities that will help with getting  back into the routine of school. At any time that you need help or have  questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Always remember,  we are a TEAM and together we will make this successful. I am always  open to your feedback and strongly believe in the importance of a  strong parent and teacher relationship. I am always here if you need  anything!!
    Ms. Sevilay