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Leadership Academy

  • Freedom High School’s Leadership Academy provides career readiness skills and mentoring opportunities to select seniors who are uncertain about their plans following high school. Seniors receive credit in English and Government, as well as Math and Career and Technical Education, through project-based learning and personalized instruction in opportunities ranging from on-the-job training to professional study to traditional two- and four-year college programs. They also learn the value of community service through our partnership with Chick-Fil-A’s Leader Academy. These students graduate with contacts at local businesses, scholarship opportunities, and two shadowing/mentorship experiences, one of which includes six virtual sessions with a professional in the students' chosen field.

    The Leadership Academy curriculum meets the standards of the LCPS 12th grade English, Math, U.S. Government, and CTE courses, filtering assignments and lessons through the lens of personalized learning for individual career preparation. The curriculum meets and exceeds the Virginia Profile of a Graduate mandate to “establish multiple paths toward college and career readiness. . . which could include internships, externships, and credentialing.”

    For more information on this program, please contact Principal Neelum Chaudhry or Team Lead Beth Visna.


Photo of the 2022-23 Leadership Academy Students