Welcome to School Counseling
    Phone: 540-751-2407 Fax: 540-751-2408
    Director of School Counseling - Jeannine Cummings
    Counselors Grades 9 - 11              Senior Counselors
          A - F     Adria Frie                           D - Q     Candy Grim
          G - N    Charles Smith            A - C and R - Z   Paul Hall
          O - Z    Shelli Cook
    Unified Mental Health Team 
    School Psychologist - Pamela Lindo
    School Social Worker - Ann Smith
     Student Assistance Specialist /
    Substance Abuse Specialist - Amy Iliffe
     Career Center Assistant - Linda Krone
    Registrar & School Counseling Secretary - Cindy Ashley
    School Counseling Secretary - Carla Payne
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    Phone:  540-751-2407
      Fax:  540-751-2408
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