Degrees and Certifications:

BFA Theatre & Music, Sweet Briar College 2013 M.Litt, Mary Baldwin 2015 MFA, Mary Baldwin 2016 MAT, Sweet Briar College 2020

Molly Harper

Mx. Molly Harper graduated from Sweet Briar College with a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts for Interdisciplinary Art: Concentrating in Theatre, Music, and Arts Management. Later, Mx. Harper attended Mary Baldwin College (now University) for their Master of Letters/Master of Fine Arts Program in Shakespeare and Performance. During those three years of graduate school, Mx. Harper designed sets, acted, built large props, taught high schoolers and local community members about early modern theatre. Mx. Harper has been travelling between the east coast and west coast working as a teaching artist for different companies, such as the American Shakespeare Center, Southern California Shakespeare Festival, Southern California Renaissance Festival, and Baltimore Shakespeare Factory. In 2019, Mx. Harper decided to return to Sweet Briar College to obtain a teaching license and accidently got a Masters of Teaching in the process.

I love language in all the forms it takes; reading, writing, talking, and signing. While I primarily work in English, I personally have been trying to learn Spanish, Mandarin, and ASL in whatever spare time I have. My Spanish is passing at best and the other two is small words or phrases; so please don't be impressed. Along with language, I love to make things: design sets, build structures, sew costumes, and occasionally write plays. So when I decided to become a teacher, I really was giving myself an opportunity to make things along with language.  I hope in my class I will be able to create opportunities for you to learn and love language too. 

Recreationally, I am an avid Nintendo Switch player and a overly proud Hufflepuff. Just a heads up for when Overwatch playoffs start :)