Dr. Michael Matthew



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Dr. Michael Matthew

I have had many roles in the field of education, but the most joyous and rewarding position is that of a classroom teacher.  I truly believe that learning happens at every stage of life and as an educator, it is my responsibility to facilitate knowledge so that we become healthy decision-makers. 

I have seen children in many different settings who persevere regardless of their circumstance, not because it is in their nature, but because they were taught how to apply their skills. Through a combination of teaching and learning experiences, my students are expected to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways - and to develop a positive attitude towards accepting the challenges that learning new things bring.

After earning a double Bachelors in Psychology and Anthropology from Central Connecticut State University, I decided that a Masters in Elementary Education (from the same university) was the real choice for wanting to make a difference. What I didn't expect though was that my students were going to make a difference in my life. Learning is never just one-sided, it is a process of discovery on both sides.

After deciding to explore the administrative aspects of my profession, I earned a Certificate in Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins University and started work almost immediately in a number of settings in Maryland, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  It was in Puerto Rico where I finalized my education by completing a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D) through Argosy University. The most valuable part of my research explored how our attitudes are formed and the impact that it has on meaningful learning experiences.

Returning to the DMV and settling in VA was the best decision personally and professionally. I am grateful for my experiences, but I am very thankful and proud of my students. They are the original reason why I got into this field and it is for them that I will continue to learn new things every day.  

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