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    Charmaine Jackson
    Department: Testing
    Email: charmaine.jackson@lcps.org
    Room:  Main office
    Teacher Biography
    This is my 1st year at Freedom High School as a testing coordinator. 
    I have been an educator for 25 years, with all of my teaching in Virginia Schools.  I have a BA in Biological Sciences from Southern Illinois University, and an MEd from the College of Willam and Mary with a concentration in Educational Policy, Planning and Leaderhip.  I look forward to working with students and helping to create graduates!  
    I grew up in Illinois, moved to VA in my 20's and never left.  My husband and I have 3 children, and one cat. All of our kids are grown and in their 20's, so we enjoy the quiet and try to get out to see the world as much as possible.
    Teacher Information 
    I am the point of contact for all testing except for weekend SAT administrations.  If you have questions about upcoming examinations, schedules, arrival times, or payment, please reach out to me first.  I will try to find answers for you if I don't have them at the ready.