• Fontenot, Jeffrey 

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    Teaching Biography or Walkabout

    My journey to Seneca Ridge Middle School to teach 7th grade Engish has been circuitous, or not very direct. While fresh out of college, I joined Peace Corps-Slovakia. I learned the importance of language and started to understand how to teach and learn foreign languages. I value being a multi-lingual American, a skill sparked by my eye-opening four years overseas. I then took an Americorps position teaching English in Brooklyn, New York. During my nine years in New York City, I worked primarily with international students who sought to obtain a high school diploma while also mastering English. I completed a Masters Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Teachers College Columbia University while in NYC. After my young family decided to move to the Mid-Atlantic, I took a job working at TC Williams H.S. in Alexandria. I was part of an “Internationals” team seeking to support international students in large suburban and/or urban settings. I also established a similar type of school in Washington, D.C. At this junction, I decided to obtain my second master’s in English from Arizona State University. I taught English 7 in Montgomery County, MD for two years, before moving to Williamsburg, VA. While in Hampton Roads, I had the privilege of teaching English 10-12 and AP Literature in Newport News. After recently relocating to Leesburg, VA, I have found Nick Cottone’s team of educators at SRMS and am excited to contribute to this vibrant learning community. 


Last Modified on August 17, 2020