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Jeb Dickerson


I'm Jeb Dickerson and this is my 2nd year at Trailside. Of course, year 1 wasn't quite like any other year, so I'm feeling like a newbie all the same.

My first 6 years of teaching were spent at the high school level in North San Diego County (California) and I taught every social studies subject, as well as a few others. I have a fair bit of experience with Project and Challenge Based Learning, as well as Personal Learning, and my approach veers off the beaten path quite a bit. But always in service to students' ability to take responsibility for their own learning, which is (or should be) the ultimate goal of public education.

This is the background I bring with me to TMS and I think it positions me well to help your students become thinkers rather than simply compliant rule followers. My classroom is a true collaboration and my expectation is that students accept the responsibility of designing their learning experiences. Not alone, but with me, and with their peers, and I'm confident that if they will, they'll head off to high school (and beyond) with the confidence they need to make truly meaningful contributions to the world...and not a moment too soon.

These are the goals, and we'll work hard every day to realize them. Please reach out any time if there's something I can help you with.


Mr. Dickerson


Block 2: 8th Grade Civics and Economics

Block 3: 8th Grade Civics and Economics

Block 4: 8th Grade Civics and Economics

Block 5: 8th Grade Civics and Economics

Block 6: 8th Grade Civics and Economics

Block 7: 8th Grade Civics and Economics