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    Mrs. Peterson
     Educational Affiliations
    George Mason University
    Mrs. Peterson earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from George Mason University and is currently pursuing her Master's in Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse & Exceptional Learners from George Mason University.  Prior to working as an EL teacher, Rachel spent her career in trade associations and most recently at a marketing agency serving association clients. In 2019 she left her career to begin teaching English Learners to fulfill her love of language, community and working with kids. She feels tremendous responsiblity and takes great pride in supporting, advocating for and elevating ELLs and loves serving the community in which she lives.

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    A1- English 6&7 B5- Reading Strategies 8
    A2 - English 8 B6- Reading Strategies 6&7
    A3 - Planning B7 - Planning
    A4 - Science 6 B8 - Science 7
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