•  Learning Specialisst

     Educational Affiliations
    Juniata College
    West Virginia University
    Nathan Hollenbach earned his Bachelor degree in Biology from Juniata College and his Master's in Special Education from West Virginia University.  Prior to working at Harper Park, Nathan was a Life Science team teacher at Mercer Middle School.  
    Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. His other hobbies include: running, riding motorcycles, going on adventures, and learning new things.
     Course Information
    A1- Planning B5- Foundations of Algebra w/ Mr. Kilmartin
    A2- Foundations of Algebra w/ Ms Lee B6- Foundations of Algrebra w/ Ms Lee
    A3- Science 8 w/ Ms Agrawal B7- Resource
    A4- Science 8 w/ Ms Agrawal B8- Science 8
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