• Welcome to Arcola Physical Education
    PE IS FOR ME!!!
    Welcome to Arcola's Physical Education Department.
    are very excited to teach your children for the 2021-22 school year.
    With your children we will focus on health, fitness, basic sports and games
    We look forward to having a successful and productive school year.
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    Arcola PE dream team
    PE Reminders:


    Students must wear a mask while in indoor PE classes and may remove them while participating in physical education activity. In PE, masks will be worn while waiting in line, participating in direct instruction or otherwise not engaged in activity.


    Teachers will prioritize indoor activities that allow for the maximum amount of physical distancing to the greatest extent possible.

    Equipment Use

    Activities should be designed for individual use of equipment or limited shared use within small groups. When equipment is used, it should be disinfected at least once daily.

    What to wear

    Your child needs to wear Tennis Shoes and comfortable clothes that they may exercise in on their PE days. 
    If necessary have them bring a change of sneakers or clothes to change into.


    If your child is sick or cannot participate please send a parent note to your teacher, if they need to be excused for more than 1 week, please send a doctor's note detailing what the student can/cannot do.  (ie. student has a injured hand but may walk/run during PE).