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    WELCOME TO ART 2020-2021

    Mr. Morris and Mrs. Smithson are thrilled to be working with your child this year in Art.   We are so excited to be given the opportunity to be part of your child’s creative experiences and artistic growth. 

    Throughout this school year, we plan on exposing our students to many different artists, art styles, and countless mediums.  Our goal is to allow the students to see the beauty of the world around them, while teaching the principles of design and the various elements of art.  We will explore a variety of art processes, enhance our overall artistic skills, and learn how art has evolved throughout history. 

    The Visual Arts play a central role in the educational experience of all children.  Through participation and performance in authentic experiences, students will gain insights into the importance of a cooperative and expressive society.  The Arts enable students to develop higher order thinking skills, creative problem-solving, self-discipline, and the ability to collaborate with others.

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    Students in full day Kindergarten will receive art once a week for 30 minutes, and Grades 1 thru 5 receive art once a week for 45 minutes. 

    Due to our Distance Learning schedule, students will be asked to join their art teacher synchronously every other week.  Asynchronous art lessons will also be provided.  All lessons will be posted weekly.