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    SBHS Graduation 2020

    The graduation ceremony for Stone Bridge 2020 Senior Graduates will take place on June 10th through June 12th. Each family has been sent an individual appointment time; if you need to confirm your appointment slot, please email Heidi Hayes.

    It is our goal to provide a positive and safe graduation experience for our graduates and all families.  Each student will receive a graduation program, walk across the stage, receive their diploma, and experience many opportunities to take photos with their family, both individually and with a professional photographer. We look forward to celebrating this important milestone together!

    Graduation Events 

    In order to maintain safety for all families during this time, we ask that everyone take the following precautions:

    • Arrive on time and leave promptly after your appointment. Each family should plan to spend about 30 minutes at the school.
    • Each family may bring their graduate plus 5 additional family members. This number is strictly limited due to social distancing guidelines. Additional family members will be able to watch the livestream. 
    • Everyone attending is required to wear a mask in accordance with state guidelines.
    • Families will remain together but will need to maintain social distance from other families and LCPS staff. There will not be traditional handshakes or other physical contact. 

    Graduation Map & Stations

    Students and families will remain together and follow the path shown on the map through a series of 5 stations. There will be clear tape marks on the floor indicating appropriate spacing throughout the path. 

     Graduation Map

    Station 1: Welcome & Entrance 
    Families and students will pick up a graduation program and map for the day. Staff will direct them through the stops and answer any questions. 

    Station 2: Name Card Check In
    Families and students pick up their name card to be read at the stage. Students are encouraged to write their name phonetically to help ensure it’s pronounced correctly. 

    Station 3: Auditorium / Stage
    Families will proceed through the center of the auditorium while graduates move to the front and cross the stage. Graduates will give their card to the reader, who will read it aloud before the graduate moves across the stage to receive their diploma cover. There will be two photo opportunities on the stage with professional photographers. Students who are comfortable are allowed to remove their masks for the photos. The stage area will be livestreamed for additional family members to watch online. 

    Station 4: Diploma Pickup
    Graduates will pick up their diploma from a table at the Black Box to place inside their diploma cover. 

    Station 5: Exit and Photo Opportunities
    Students and families will exit through the Fine Arts lobby. Photo opportunities will be available outside the building for families and students. Please continue to follow social distancing guidelines and move quickly so that other graduates can take their photos as well.

    Photo Opportunities

    After completing the graduation appointment, families are invited to take photos outside at the following stations:

    • At the benches by the Fine Arts exit 
    • At the stone bridge near the front entrance
    • In the stadium with the bulldog 
    • At the painted spirit rock 
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