• Welcome to our virtual expo page!!!  We have inlcuded links to information about our school, clubs, activities, and athletics to help make your transition to Briar Woods HS as smooth as possible.  Please take time to explore about everything we have to offer you here at BWHS!  


    Welcome Remarks:

    • Mrs. Sheila Alzate, Principal, BWHS

    • Mr. Mike Benson, Assistant Atheltic Director, BWHS

    • Ms. Nina Peyton, SCA Sponsor, BWHS

    • Ms. Elizabeth Foster, Freshman Transition, BWHS


    Virtual Tour:

    • Click here to take a virtual tour and also learn about how things work at BWHS

    • Click here for a map of our school

     Click here for a list of all current clubs/activities available at BWHS.