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    LCPS Grade Calculator Online App

    Loudoun County Public Schools has created a Final Grade Calculator to help families understand the grade-calculation process for 2019-2020. This calculator will allow families the ability to enter their student’s first-, second- and third-quarter grades to see how each of the three possible grading scenarios, approved by LCPS during COVID-19 school closure, will impact the final grade a student will receive in June. The highest possible calculated grade will be posted in PVUE/SVUE for families to review prior to teachers applying any grade improvement from work submitted during the fourth quarter.  To view written directions and a video guide for the Final Grade Calculator, click here.

    Grading Guidelines

    The grade bump affects your final grade.  The grades recorded in 4th quarter only serve as a means to let students know how well they are doing as they work to earn the bump to their final grade for the year.  The 4th quarter will only end with a P or N.  From there, teachers determine who has earned the opportunity for the final grade bump.

    To earn the 4th quarter bump to your overall grade you must show progress and/or score at least 60% for the 4th quarter assignments.  Mastery of content is not a requirement as there simply has not been enough time for students to have received the necessary instruction to expect mastery of content.  Below is the point scale LCPS has designed.

    Example: If a student has a B+, the bump will give them an A-.  The bump is added to the final course grade.

     Grade Bump Table