• LCPS Mental Health Staff

    If you are uncertain about the best approach for supporting your child’s mental health needs during the school closure and/or if your family is grieving the loss of the loved one, you can email the school-based mental health professionals at your child’s school to ask questions and receive support. Mental health staff are expected to respond within 24 hours (not including weekends), therefore this resource should not be used for urgent situations. You may contact your child's school-based team by following this link: School Resource Contacts.


  • *Please note that these resources and providers are being provided to you as a courtesy, for information only, and the parent/guardian should understand that no assurances or guarantees regarding these resources and providers are being made by sharing their names. Loudoun County Public Schools neither endorses, approves, nor recommends any specific resource or provider listed. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to determine whether or not the service meets their specific need. Parent/guardians are encouraged to interview outside resources and providers to make a personal decision regarding the best source of assistance for their student.

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Last Modified on September 11, 2020