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    So many books, so little time!
    Welcome to our Blue Ridge Middle School Library!
    Our library is here to serve you, our students, our faculty, our school community. We are open daily from 8:30 AM until 3:45 PM.

    Our collection includes 16,000+ print volumes, books on tape and CD, playaways, and a growing collection of ebooks. We also borrow and lend titles between all of the public schools in Loudoun County - thereby expanding access to students.

    Students are allowed to check out 5 books at a time with the option to borrow more items if needed.  Current issues of magazines do not circulate but remain on display for pleasure reading. Older issues of magazines are available for check out.

    Loudoun County Public Schools subscribes to many varied online resources. Newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and specialized tools may be accessed from school or from home. We aren't allowed to publish passwords on our web site, so students will be given brochures which provide the passwords and log-ins needed for at-home usage. Click on the On-line Loudoun Resources link to view the database packages that we offer.

    Circulation Policy
    Blue Ridge Middle School library is committed to the idea of putting the greatest access to information into the hands of its patrons - whether students or staff. To that end, we seek to craft the least restrictive lending policy possible.

    Students and staff are encouraged to use inter-library loan as a means to having greater access to a greater number of materials, and library personnel will gladly obtain items form other school within Loudoun County. We also offer access to the Loudoun County Public Library System through our patron terminals and our school web page under "Library Links."

    We encourage parents to visit our library at any time during the day. We are happy to loan our collection for pleasure or professional purposes.

    Inter-library loan to other LCPS schools

    We loan our collection freely to any school within the district.  We defer to the judgment of the borrowing school's library staff, and we will not deny any request for a loan.
    Damaged or Lost Materials
    We do not charge fines or fees for overdue items, and the only time that we request payment is when a student loses or damages a book beyond repair. We make every effort to check items in and clear student records in the process, however mistakes do happen. Should you or your child have any questions about his or her record, please do not hesitate to call or stop by. We'll do our best to resolve any outstanding issues. We want the library to be a happy place, and we want all students to feel comfortable in borrowing materials from us.