• Student Services Guidelines for Academies of Loudoun Student/Parents

    During this time of school closure, School Counselors will be available for consultation with students and parents via email or for individual consultations by appointment.

    Counselors will be available Monday through Friday, 9am - 4pm, for students and parents to discuss academic, college, career, placement and scholarship concerns. Below is the list of counselors, their assigned schools and email addresses.

    Amy Burgess (JCHS, LVHS, RHS, PFH) email: Amy.Burgess@lcps.org

    Dan Cuevas (DHS, FHS, IHS, PVH) email: Daniel.Cuevas@lcps.org

    Beth Doyle (BRH, HTH, LCH, SBH)email: Beth.Doyle@lcps.org

    Michelle Trudel (BWHS, RRHS, THS, WHS)email: Michelle.Trudel@lcps.org

    When emailing to inquire about individual consultations, students/parents should indicate their preferred method of contact (phone call or face-to-face via Google Meet).  All Google Meets must include a parent. Google Meet for Students and Parents

    Modes of Communication

    If a Student Services staff member requires information from students/parents they will use email to contact you with this request. If the staff member is unsuccessful in reaching you via email, they will attempt to contact you by phone.  Please check Parent/StudentVue to make sure we have current contact information.

    Counselors’ Google Classrooms

    General information for all students/parents will be disseminated via Google Classroom.  Each counselor has set up Google Classrooms for student use (see below).  Counselors will email Google Classroom codes to students and these codes are listed below as well.  Students should join these classrooms as soon as possible to receive all Student Services updates.  If parents would like access to a student’s Google Classroom account, your student has the ability to share access with you, so ask them to do so.

    Beth Doyle (BRH, HTH, LCH, SBH)

                   ACL Seniors/Class of 2020: 6hluctl

                   ACL Juniors/Class of 2021: 2sahmkk

                   ACL Sophomores/Class of 2022: eogmryz

                   ACL Freshmen/Class of 2023: on2skyi

     Amy Burgess (JCHS, LVHS, RHS, PFH)

                  ACL Seniors/Class of 2020: att6c26

                  ACL Juniors/Class of 2021: 2fvjivk

                  ACL Sophomores/Class of 2022: dr7uulc

                  ACL Freshmen/Class of 2023:  thaojgp

     Dan Cuevas (DHS, FHS, IHS, PVHS, WIS)

                  ACL Seniors/Class of 2020: 54o2hww

                  ACL Juniors/Class of 2021: 75qbyf3

                  ACL Sophomores/Class of 2022: zr2lki6

                  ACL Freshmen/Class of 2023:  bk233p3

    Michelle Trudel (BWHS, RRHS, THS, WHS)

                  ACL Freshmen-Seniors/Classes of 2020-2023:   fapyc4s

    Student Services Website

    General information will also be posted to our website on the Student Services tab under the heading “Extended Closure Information”.  We will continue to update the website with pertinent information as it is received. 

    Virtual Face-to-Face Meetings

    During school closure, we may use Google Meet as a tool for face-to-face contact with students and parents.  Please understand that if this tool is used, parents must accompany the student throughout this meeting.

    Social and Emotional Support

    If a student is in need of social/emotional support during this time, it is imperative that students/parents contact their base school counselor for this support.  Each base school is prepared with resources and support for students/parents.  Please know that our counselors are empathetic to your needs but base schools are fully staffed to provide this support.

    Placement Services

    Placement Services will continue to work diligently to assist your students with experiential learning opportunities.  If you are in need of Placement Services assistance please contact Kim Yeager, Placement Coordinator via email.  While schoolwork is always the first priority, students can still continue to work with Placement Services on a host of different activities, such as:

    • creating or modifying resumes
    • obtaining advice on networking and interviewing
    • applying to full-time post-graduation jobs, part-time jobs, summer programs and still available internships
    • applying for scholarships! This is a perfect time to write essays for scholarship money as some deadlines have been extended

    Please be aware that at this time of uncertainty, some businesses have put their plans to offer shadowing experiences and internships on hold, are canceling shadowing/internships, or making modifications to opportunities previously shared with students.  As information about these opportunities becomes available, your student will be notified as soon as possible through Google classroom.