• Math Club

    Club Sponsor:  Mr. Yalamanchili

    Contact Information:  Mr. Yalamanchili

    Meeting Date:  After school on Wednesday or Thursday whichever is an A Day. This club runs until 5:15 pm, but students may leave early if they need to ride the activity bus.

    Brief Description:  Math Club students participate in Math Olympiad, Math Counts, CML, VML, Math Madness, AMC 8, AMC 10, Purple Comet, TJIMO, Loudoun County Math League, Math Kangaroo, and Waxpool Math Tournament.

    Important links:  Math Counts

    Math Olympiad

    Activity Registrations


    Overview of Math Club

    With the Math Club registration, you are considered registered for Math Olympiad and CML, but not any of the other activities. If you wish to try out for the Math Counts Team, fill out that registration as well. Practices will be geared towards Math Counts, with Math Olympiad having seperate practices. Additional practices may be help in the spring for 6th and 7th graders. Depending on number of students, a test may be given to be past of Math Counts.


    Activities in which Math Club students participate include:

    • Math Olympiad - 5 question test in 30 minutes, given monthly November - March. Teams will be made for weekly practice.
    • Math Counts - weekly practices with students working to make the school team to compete in February.
    • Continental Math League - similar to Math Olympiad, no separate practices. There will be tests for 8th grade level and 6th grade level, online 2022-2023.
    • Math Madness - online 10 question 30 minute contest head to head against another school each week.
    • AMC 8 - January 18, run by Math Department, open to all students.
    • Purple Comet, one house contest in April for teams of 6, generally harder questions.
    • AMC 10 November 10, register at Math Counts meetings pafe, a team of 10 will be selected.
    • Loudoun County Math League, JV and Varsity compete in individual head to head matchups against another school.
    • MoVA Math Tournament - Math Olympiad style contest at Stone Hill in spring to attend a navy base, and particpiate in a Math Counts style contest.
    • Waxpool Math Tournament - At Waxpool Elementary, middle school and elementary level Math Counts style contests
    • Math League - Taems may set up later for these Math Counts style contests.

    An additional activity is to work as a group iwith coming up with lessons and answers for the algebra worksheets on the resource page, to help students taking Algebra catch up with any material they may have missed or need work from previous classes.