• Student Chromebooks

    Seneca students are provided with an individual device for learning, a Chromebook, and a cord for charging, which they will use for their time at Seneca. 

    Chromebooks are on warranty, and will be repaired by LCPS when damaged or malfunctioning - see instructions below.

    Student Cell Phones

    Students may bring their cell phones to school and store them off and away in the student lockers.  Use of cell phones during the school day will result in disciplinary action, and repeated use may require a parent or guardian to come to school to pick up the student cell phone.  If you need to contact your child during the school day, please call the main office and the secretaries will ensure that your child receives the message. 


    Tech Support and Repairs

    Drop by during Office Hours to drop off a device for repair, trouble-shoot a problem, or to pick up your repaired device. Click here or check the poster on the wall outside the tech office to see if your device is ready.


    SRM Tech Office Hours

    8:00 - 8:20 Chromebook pick up ONLY, no troubleshooting

    9:00 - 10:00 Troubleshooting help, Chromebook pick up / drop off

    2:00 - 3:00 Troubleshooting help, Chromebook pick up / drop off


    You must go to class and get a pass to see Mr. Withers during school hours.

    Between classes, you must go to class first and request a pass from your teacher.

    If you do not have a pass, you will be sent back to class.



    Will I be charged for repairs to my Chromebook?

    All damage that results from normal wear and tear is repaired free of charge.  In rare cases if damage is determined to be intentional or excessively frequent, a discipline process will result and a student may be required to pay for repair or replacement of the device. 

    What happens if I lose my charging cord?

    We recommend keeping your cord at home and only bringing it to school when you are required to turn in your device at the end of the year.  Having one location where you charge your device will help you keep track of it.  If you lose your cord you must replace it with the same model.  Bring $20.00 to the main office.  The secretary will give you a receipt, which you take to the tech office and Mr. Withers will give you a replacement.

    Can I place stickers on my Chromebook? 

    Students may apply school appropriate stickers to Chromebooks as long as the inventory label, student name label, and serial number remain fully visible.  Stickers should not be placed on the mouse/trac pad, the screen, or keyboard.  8th grade students must remove stickers before handing in their device at the end of the school year.  Please note that some repairs may result in the loss of stickers.

    What are some ways to keep my Chromebook safe from breakage?

    • Always close your Chromebook before carrying it in the hallways and locker areas.
    • Be aware of where your device is at all times - if it's in your backpack handle the backpack with care.
    • Ensure that the Chromebook is used on flat, level surfaces, and do not balance it on other objects.
    • Always keep your Chromebook off the floor.


    Can I use a mouse instead of the Touchpad?

    Your Chromebook will work with both a cordless or corded mouse.  You may purchase these on your own.  


    May I buy a case for my Chromebook? 

    Students are welcome to purchase protective covers for their Chromebooks.  We do not have a recommended case or cover, and suggest that families choose one that suits the needs of your student. 


    What happens if I leave Seneca?

    You will need to turn in your Chromebook AND charging cord, just as you would return any textbooks you have been issued.  Lost cords will need to be replaced at a cost of $20.00 - please pay this at the main office before leaving Seneca.  


    If I'm going to another LCPS school can I take my Chromebook with me? 

    Chromebooks are issued and inventoried through the individual schools.  You will return your Chromebook and charger to Seneca staff (counselor or Digital Experience Specialist), and will receive a different Chromebook in your new school.


    Will I take my Chromebook to high school with me?

    You will be issued a different device as a ninth grade student at your high school.  This new device will remain with you as long as you attend that school. 

Last Modified on February 10, 2020