•  Updated 7/14/2020

    Academies of Loudoun Student Parking

    With the upcoming expansion of Hybrid to multiple days per week, we have reached our parking capacity on A Days.  As a result, we are no longer accepting applications for A day passes.

    Parking facilities are provided at the Academies of Loudoun as a convenience to 11th and 12th grade students who drive to school.  The Academies of Loudoun has a limited number of parking spots (275 each day) available for students.  Permits will be issued via a lottery system with 12th grade students having priority.  Please note that parking permits at the Academies are separate from parking permits at home schools. If students intend to drive to both locations, they must apply for permits at both schools.  Pending availability, any remaining permits will be open to 10th grade students beginning 2nd semester.

    • Applications for permits must be accurate and complete when submitted.  Failure to provide accurate information will prevent application from being processed.
    • Communication regarding parking permits will be made via the email address entered on the application.  Please ensure email address provided is accurate and monitored.
    • Parking permits are assigned specifically for either A or B days.  Failure to provide the correct ACL day on the application will prevent processing.  
    • The window for entering the parking permit lottery will close on August 21.  Applications received after August 21 will be processed on a first come first served basis pending availability.
    • Once selected for a permit, students will have until the first day of school to pick up passes.  
    • Payment for permits will not be collected/finalized until after the lottery selection is complete.
    • 2020/2021 Parking Fees will be announced once they have been finalized.
    • With a permit, students are permitted to park in any “Numbered” student parking spot. (i.e. no specific assigned spots).
    • Students are not permitted to park in “Visitors”, “Staff”, or unmarked spaces. 
    • Parking permits must be hung visibly behind the rearview mirror on your vehicle.
    • Students are not permitted to decorate, paint, or alter parking spaces in any way.
    • Students may not sit in parked vehicles or linger in the parking area.
    • Traffic laws, school regulations, and normal safety procedures must be observed at all times.
    • The speed limit on school property is 10 miles an hour.
    • Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their passengers and the contents of their vehicles while on school grounds and while driving to and from school.
    • Cars parked on school property are subject to search under School Board Policy 8-2.
    • The penalty for illegal parking may result in disciplinary action and suspension of your driving privilege.
    • Attached is a link to the Academies of Loudoun parking permit application https://forms.gle/BLsnY97iZxeN5zx88  .

    The administration reserves the right to rescind driving privileges of students for the following reasons: 

    1.       Not showing sufficient academic progress
    2.       Accumulating excessive tardies or absences
    3.       Excessive or serious disciplinary infractions
    4.       For any other reasons deemed appropriate

    A/B Day Classes at ACL

    A Days:

    • 11th/12th Grade AOS (All)
    • 11th/12th Grade AET (not Advanced AET)
    • Automotive Service 1
    • Biomedical Tech 2
    • Biotechnology
    • C&D 1
    • CIED 2
    • Cosmetology 1
    • Cybersecurity 1
    • EMT
    • Graphic Communications 1
    • PN1
    • Masonry
    • Med Lab Tech 2
    • Pharmacy Tech 2
    • Radiology 2
    • Welding 1

    B Days:

    • 11th/12th Grade Advanced AET
    • Automotive Service 2
    • Biomedical Tech 1
    • Environmental Plant Science
    • C&D 2
    • CIED 1
    • Cosmetology 2
    • Cybersecurity 2
    • Health Informatics
    • Firefighting
    • Graphic Communications 2
    • Med Lab Tech 1
    • Pharmacy Tech 1
    • Radiology 1
    • Welding 2

     MATA classes that are not listed above are offered on both A and B Days.  Students registered in one of these classes must contact the student service office at 571-252-1988 (after Aug 10) to confirm their individual schedules.