Last Name First Name Email Address .
Ajima Josh Makerspace
Allshouse Andrew Science
Alvarenga de Arevalo Lidia
Alvarez Madelyn
Bacoy Elsa Math
Barry Trevor Engineering
Bauer Anthony
Bautista Edgar
Bell Leora Math
Burgess Amy Counselor
Cannon Johanna Science
Chang Jennifer
Chapin John Computer Science
Chaves Deborah Environmental Plant Science/Biotechnology
Cheng Ruby
Coates Paul Masonry
Colder Karl Administration of Justice
Coluccio James Digital Experience Lead
Cool Nathanial Computer Science
Craun Gina Science
Croly Michael Engineering
Crowe Dan Science
Cypher Susan Certified Nurse Aide/Health Informatics
Doan Jean School Nurse
Doherty Mary Entrepreneurship
Dutton Heather Math
Eliason Jessica Science
Ewing Melissa Science
Fallon Amanda Veterinary Science
Fay Megan Radiology
Gallagher Gregory Science
Gantz Linda Math
Garcia de Villa Toro Fanny
Gardner Jennifer Biomedical Technology
Gilbert Beth
Gilbert Beth
Goff Eric Chemical & Lab Safety
Goodyear Amy Science
Greer Gordon Resource Teacher
Gururaj Pramila Science
Hacecky Michelle Secretary
Hallman Nadine Testing Coordinator
Hallock Pamela
Hanson Erica Science
Harrigan Carolyn
Haskins Kianti
Haughie Lisa Culinary Arts
Healey Kathleen Cosmetology
Henry Mary EMT
Herman Curtis Engineering
Hernandez Clara
Herrmann Heather Math
Hilsdorf Matt Science
Hiltner Jennifer Research Librarian
Johnson Judith Head Custodian
Juleau Tobie Computer Science
Kantz Ethan Science
Kilgannon Kathleen Principal's Secretary/Bookkeeper
Kreitzman Alyson Nursing Coordinator
Krone Rodney Building Construction
Lear Alan Math
Lee Pei-Chieh Pharmacy Technology
Leisure Melina Secretary
Lewis Craig
Lewis Kyle Firefighting
Lincicome Andrew CIED
Lohr Suzanne Science
Loyd Alec Cafeteria Manager
Luna Martha
Main Sherie Certified Nurse Aide
Malone Kevin Math
Marelli Misty Library Assistant
Marquiss Lindsay Math
Maxey Ali
McConnell Terri Math
McFadden Leslie Math
McNamee Maura Science
Melendez Dina
Melgar Luisa
Mills Jeremie Auto Service Technology
Minchow-Proffitt Zachary Science
Mistron Shannon Math
Montoya Isabel
Moyer Christine
Myer Penelope Health and Medical Science
Nachajski Donna Certified Nurse Aide
Oatman Kristin Secretary
Omar Shabnam EL
Omile Ada Resource Teacher
Osborne Susie Cosmetology
Pan Judy Math
Park Marty HVAC
Pena de Velesco Gloria
Perez Aminta
Peterson Kristen Secretary
Pierscinski Tracey EL
Poonate Jiranan Math
Priddy Tinell Principal
Putman Damon Welding
Randall Peter Computer Science
Reeves Linda Resource Teacher
Riordan Kim Science
Rizzo Anna Counselor
Roberts Frances Research Librarian
Robinson Michelle Social Worker
Rodas Maria
Rose Roger Science
Rounsley Andrea IFT
Sale Victoria Digital Experience Specialist
Sappington Salle Medical Laboratory Technology
Schinasi David School Security Officer
Sedighzadeh Linda
Springer Devon Digital Experience Specialist
Staples Jeremy Cybersecurity
Stokes Brian CISCO
Stone Rebecca Computer & Digital Animation
Strathdee Walter Assistant Principal
Tafaro Andrew Counselor
Thirukkurungudi Sundar Science
Thistlethwaite Fiona Science
Thomas Patti Attendance Secretary
Tomlinson Michael Science
Tran Nora Math
Tripp Deborah Graphic Communications
Trudel Michelle Counselor
Tucker Sandi Entrepreneurship
Urbassik Rob Psychologist
Vall Robert School Resource Officer
Varblow Conrad Science
Velasco Pedro J
Velasco de Castillo Maria Juana
Voetberg Jacob Science
Wall Tara TV Production
Wilburn Matt
Williams David Auto Collision Repair
Williams Octavia Engineering
Willis Melissa Science
Wissler Erin Science
Wooley Jason Resource Teacher
Writer Duke Science
Yeager Kim Placement Coordinator