• Students Rights and Responsibilities

    Loudoun County's School Board has the authority and responsibility to make local regulations for the conduct of schools and for the proper discipline of students, including their going to and returning from school. This authority and responsibility is recognized as necessary for the maintenance of a school environment that is conducive to learning, free of disruption and threat to persons and property, and supportive of the rights of individuals. The School Board also recognizes its responsibility to assist and encourage students to achieve self-discipline and become responsible citizens.

    The Loudoun County School Board adopted these rights, responsibilities, and expectations to help ensure and enhance a healthy and safe environment for teaching and learning and to protect the rights of all students to obtain an education in a positive learning environment free of disruption. This publication specifies rights, responsibilities, and expectations for student behavior in school. 


    Student Rights and Responsibilities 2020-2021 (English)

    Student Rights and Responsibilities 2020-2021 (Spanish)