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    In addition to the Loudoun County Public Schools Expectations Regarding Assessment and Grading, Loudoun County High School has the following expectations:

    • Teachers will have all work graded/posted no later than 10 instructional days from the assignment due date. Notes will be made for parents if it's expected for grading to take longer.
    • Teacher grade books will be kept up to date.
    • The assignment issue date is the date the assignment is issued.
    • The assignment due date is the date the assignment is due.
    • Test/Quizzes will have the same date for assignment issue and assignment due dates.

Grading Legend

  • Exempt = Student is exempt from an assignment and the assignment will not be included in any grade calculation.
    Missing = Student has NOT completed the assignment and the assignment counts as a zero in grade calculations until it is turned in and the grade is entered. The “Missing” comment will display until the assignment is turned in and the grade is entered.
    Turned In = The assignment has been turned in, but not yet graded. The assignment is not included in any grade calculation until a grade is entered.
    Late-Turned In = The grade given may reflect the fact that the assignment was turned in late.
    Absent on Due Date =The student was absent when the assignment was due. If the grade is entered, the grade is included in grade calculation.
    Floor Grade = The grade is not reflecting the grade earned, but reflects the practice of "floor" grades.
    Grade Revision Pending = Initial grade recorded, waiting on revision from student for final grade. Entered grade is included in grade calculation.

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