• Students must earn four credits in English, including a survey of British literature and a survey of American literature, for both the Standard and Advanced Studies diplomas. Students in LCPS must take an English course each year of high school.

    Near the end of English 11, students must take two Standards of Learning tests: Reading and Writing. Students in all English classes receive instruction to prepare them for the SOL tests.

    Academic courses challenge students to master rigorous standards while providing individualized support. Honors courses are offered in Grades 9, 10, and 11. While they focus on the same skills as academic courses, honors courses are distinguished by a more rigorous and inquiry-based study of literature and nonfiction texts. All year-long honors courses receive a weight of 0.5. They move at an accelerated pace, cover a greater breadth and depth of textual study, and require more independent work.

    Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses are offered at the higher grade levels and may allow students to earn college credit.

    English at Lightridge


Last Modified on November 10, 2023