Please have students download the following apps on their smart phone.

    STUDENTVUE APP - this will help facilitate tardy check in and early dismissal sign out as they have digital ID cards to use at the attendance kiosk.

    E-HALL PASS - E-hall pass is used for all passes during the day. Please have the student sign up for text notifications in their student profile within their e-hall pass account to be alerted when a pass is assigned to them. They will need to use this pass to leave class to sign out and to sign out at the attendance office. 


    Absence from school for any period of time will result in the loss of learning.  It is important for each student to be present whenever possible to take full advantage of educational opportunities. Students are required to make up missed work, regardless of the reason for absence.

    There are circumstances that may prevent a student’s attendance in school. Such absences are classified as excused absences when justifiable. The Principal shall excuse students who are absent for any of the following reasons: 

    1. Personal illness
    2. Death in the family
    3. Medical or dental appointments 
    4. Court appearances or legal obligations
    5. Military obligations

    In addition,the Principal may excuse students for any of the following reasons.  

    1. Illness in the immediate family that requires the student to be absent
    2. Emergencies that require the student to be absent
    3. Trips or activities that enhance or extend the student’s education,when approved by the principal in advance.  Family trips and vacations should be scheduled during school holidays and over the summer break.  
    4. Students may be excused from school for 1 school day, per school year, to participate in an optional civic engagement activity.  Please contact the attendance office for these types of absences. 

    Students that are absent more than 3 consecutive days need to bring a doctor’s note upon return.


    When a student is absent, parents need to report their student's absence in one of two ways.

    •  ParentVUE  - absences may be entered up to 30 days in advance.
    •  Email the attendance office at bwhattendance@lcps.org   
    •  Please include the following information when reporting the student's absence:
    • Student’s name and id number
    • Your relationship to the student
    • Student’s grade
    • A DETAILED reason for the absence 

    If a parent forgets to notify the school of the absence, the student will be recorded as an unexcused absence. If this was just an oversight, please submit that information via email within 48 hours.