• On behalf of the entire Willard Middle School community, we want to welcome you to what promises to be an exciting and empowering school year for your child. Willard Middle School's guiding vision is to Stay WILD. Four principles inform our decisions and allow us to endeavor towards excellence as a community:

    WONDER: How do we spark curiosity?
    IMPACT: How do we make it matter?
    LEAD: How do we embrace what's next?
    DEVELOP: How do we grow together?

    When visiting Willard, you'll see these ideas posted around our school as a reminder that we value empowerment, innovation, and inquiry. This upcoming year, we are especially excited because we will be focusing on IMPACT. How do we make it matter? How do we make school matter to students, and how can they impact our school and make it better? How can they impact the larger community through their scholarship and participation? We want your child to grapple with challenging questions, see meaning in the work that they do, and grow as contributors to our world.

    Our phenomenal teachers and staff will strive to know all of our new students as people, as scholars, as musicians, and as athletes. Our early events, listed below, are a great way for us to connect with students in multiple ways and to truly know them as individuals when they arrive in August.

    In this first newsletter, you will find information about our elementary school visits, transition nights, music opportunities, our parent retreat, welcome week, and our much-anticipated Wildcat Kickoff. I hope the information listed below is valuable as your family begins to plan for the transition to Willard.

    We hope you will partner with us in this journey by joining our PTA, by connecting with our school community, and especially by visiting us to see the outstanding products our scholars create each day.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you need any additional assistance. We've listed a variety of methods for connecting with us at the bottom of this newsletter.

    We look forward to seeing you at Willard soon!



     wildcat kickoff
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