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    Business Partnerships

    We value the opportunites business partnerships can bring to our students and community.  Our business partners support us both finacially and through participation in the classroom.  Please consider supporting our partnerships' businesses as a way of thanking them for their support of our students.

    Current needs:

    Belmont Station Elementary Creation Station

    Belmont Station is looking to gain funding for a new space dedicated to creativity and innovation.  The "Creation Station" will provide materials and a collaborative space for students to design, create, test and ideate.  We are looking for business partners to help fund this initiative.  Funding will support the purchase of collaborative furniture, filament for 3D printers and other consumable materials. If your company is looking for an end of year tax right-off, please consider contributing to our endeavor. Our total budget is approximately $11,000. Consider what level your business could contribute to help us reach our final goal:

    Bronze Star sponsor - $500 donation
    Silver Star Sponsor - $1000 donation
    Gold Star Sponsor - $2500 donation
    Platinum Star Sponsor - $5000 donation

    Business partners will be advertised in weekly communications, social media, as well listed on our website. A banner will also hang in the area listing our sponsors. 

    Contact Lori Mercer, principal  or Peggy Tyree, IFT for more information. We appreciate your consideration.