• Ms. Leslee King
    School Board Member, Broad Run District 


  • Email Contact: Leslee King
    Phone Contact: 571-439-5570
    Term of Office: Ms. King was elected to the School Board in 2019; her term of office will expire on December 31, 2023.

  • Born and raised in Portsmouth, Front Royal, Richmond and the DC area, Leslee is the third child of seven who learned a strong work ethic from her loving parents.  Leslee taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grades before moving west to support her husband’s career, but came back home to Virginia in 1986 and delved into the technology field to support her three young children. 

    Leslee tackled many large projects in her career as a technical lead, and then moved on to bigger challenges of monitoring and managing large server and network systems. She was not only an Advanced Systems Engineer but also became a Software Architect. Due to her skills in dealing with very technical requirements from senior executives and technical workers, Leslee was troubleshooting and resolving complex problems. She would perform site assessments for companies and government agencies seeking continuous improvement. As part of the improvement process, she would often develop and teach technical classes tailored to the needs of the customer. 

    Leslee holds an expert certification in implementing policies and procedures. Beyond this certification, Leslee has real world experience in solving problems, improving sites, and providing win-win results.

Schools Represented within Broad Run District

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  • Committee Assignments: Ms. King chairs the Finance & Facilities Committee and serves on the Ad Hoc Committee on Equity, the Joint Committee with the Board of Supervisors and the Student Support & Services Committee.

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