Investment Club

Investment Club

  • The Investment Club

    Sponsor: Ms.Yarrell

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    Club Description:

    The Investment Club is an introduction on how to invest and learn about stock markets. Students will learn about branding, bonds, stocks and financing. Students will be educated on all the various ways to invest money. Open to all students that are interested!


    Club Meets 

    Wednesdays: Bi-Weekly @ 8:45 AM

    Room 301



    Officers/Other Info:

    President: Josh Nkan

    Vice President: Ahad Hai

    Secretary: Max Papazov

    Treasurer: Mustafa Shabazz

    Club Promoter/Social Media: Will Coffey, Ben Boehmcke

    HR Rep: Daniel Rea  


    Investment Club Officer's



    Any Questions? Email Sponsor (Ms. Yarrell): Or Vice President (Ahad Hai):