Social Science

    Department Head:

              Mary Jane Williams
    AP Economics and Government
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    Department Members:

    (Dual Enrollment US History, AP Human Geo, International Relations) 
    (AP Psychology, Pre-AP World History and World History II)
    (US History and US Government) 
    (Dual Enrollment US History and DE African History) 
    (Ancient World History and US Government) 
    (US/Virginia History and Modern World History) 
    Susan Magurn,
    (AP US History, Pre-AP World History) 
    (AP US Government, AP Human Geography)
    (Modern World History, AP US Government) 
    Saeil Oh,
    (Economics and Ancient World History)  
    Cynthia Sweatte
    (Pre AP World, AP World History) 
    (Modern World History and AP World History)  
    MaryJane Williams - Social Science Department Chairperson
    (AP Economics and Government)