Social Science

    Department Head:

              Mary Jane Williams
    AP Economics and Government
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    Department Members:

    (AP Government, DE International Relations and AP Human Geography)
    David Bishop
    (Intro to AP World and Modern World History)
    (AP World and Intro to AP World)
    Seth Harris
    (AP Economics and Academic US/VA Government)
    (Economics, Dual Enrollment US History and DE African History) 
    Ancient World History and Modern World History) 
    Susan Magurn,
    (AP US History, Pre-AP World History and DE US History) 
    (DE Government, Academic US/Virginia Government and Econoomics)
    (Academic US/Virginia History and DE Government)
    Saeil Oh,
    (Modern World History, Ancient World History and AP Psychology)
    Alex Orton
    (Academic US/Virginia History and AP Psychology)
    Cynthia Sweatte
    (Intro to AP World, AP World History) 
    MaryJane Williams - Social Science Department Chairperson
    (AP Government and Economics)