• Counselors Help Students Learn

    Each school in Loudoun County Public Schools has a School Counseling program. Licensed School Counselors are responsible for the organization and management of guidance programs in the schools. School Counselors work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to help students succeed in school and prepare for meaningful, productive lives. The School Counseling program is child-centered and developmentally appropriate and encourages students’ academic, social/emotional, and career awareness.


    School counseling services are inclusive and respectful of differences in gender, religion, ethnicity, race, ability, and age. 


    What Do School Counselors Do?

    • Counsel with students individually
    • Lead small groups focused on a particular topic
    • Teach classroom lessons addressing bullying prevention, careers, coping strategies, etc.
    • Respond to student needs in crisis situations
    • Orient new students
    • Participate in the referral process of students to special programs and/or services
    • Analyze test results to provide information about abilities, achievement, interests, and needs
    • Coordinate efforts with other school specialists
    • Conduct conferences with parents
    • Facilitate parent discussion groups
    • Adhere to ethical and legal standards

    Reasons to Contact a School Counselor:

    • Academic concerns
    • Social/emotional concerns
    • Your child is new to Ashburn Elementary
    • Information on community resources
    • Special needs of students
    • Student crisis situations
    • Change in your family situation
Last Modified on November 8, 2023